Every year, the Spirit of Life participates in the Dragon Boat Race is much loved event that builds community connection. Special thanks to Rusty Dragons ( that for the 4th year in a row supported the teams both financially and technically implementing special measures to accommodate accessibility without which the races for our teams would not be possible.

This year will be an important year for the Dragon Boat Race, as we are looking into building more than one team. Stay tuned for more details in mid April 2018!


20 Paddles, 2 Drumsticks, 1 Common Goal.” This was the spirit taken to heart by all our dragon boat participants. Look forward to seeing you there this year!


每年,協智參加龍舟賽是為建立社區聯繫中最受歡迎的活動。 特別感謝Rusty Dragons(,連續第四年在財務和技術上支持我們團隊, 提供特殊無障礙措施,否則我們團隊將無法進行比賽。 今年將是龍舟賽的重要一年,因為我們正在考慮建立多個團隊。 請繼續關注2018年4月中旬的更多細節! “20個槳,2個鼓槌,1個共同的目標”。這是我們所有龍舟參與者心中的目標。 期待今年見到你!




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