Welcome to join our November's Parent Support Group meeting

誠邀各位家長來參加我們 11 月份的家長講座


Topic 題目: Personal and Home Safety  個人及家居安全

Language 講座語言: English, Mandarin translate  英語主講, 國語翻譯


The presentation is fitted for children to adulthood 內容適合有小孩與成人的家庭

Seminar Outline 講座大綱:

- People safety 個人安全

- Safety online 網路安全

- Road safety 道路安全

- Fire safety 消防安全

- Injury prevention 預防受傷

- Basic first aid and emergency calls 基本的急救和緊急求助

- Community contact information 社區聯繫資料

- Personal safety rules 個人安全手則

- Safer strangers 如何安全的跟陌生人接觸

- Tricky people 遠離欺騙的人

- Bullying and peers 欺凌和同伴交往

- Question and Answer 問答時間

Speaker's personal profile 講員介紹:

DTSH Development Services Inc.

Sophia Tate RECE, AECEO.C,

Resource Consultant

Red Cross Youth Leader

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