Spirit of Life

Spirit of Life was established in June of 2004 with the help of late MPP Mr. Tony Wong, with the support of various community partners, professionals and many families.  Spirit of Life was approved as an official charitable organization in 2008.  Focusing primarily in the regional municipality of York, Spirit of Life now works to “build bridges” between families, special needs service providers and various government departments.  It also serves the broader community through public education on a variety of developmental disability topics.

Charitable Registration No: 85266 0141 RR0001


Spirit of Life’s mission is to support, enhance and contribute to the integration of individuals with developmental disabilities and other special needs, and their families to the broader community by providing public education, advocacy and coordinated services, through a concerted effort with partners within Chinese community in the Greater Toronto Area.


  • To advocate for early diagnosis / intervention and other services needed by these families;
  • To strengthen the family capacity to cope with day to day challenges;
  • To provide information and assistance to these individuals and families to access appropriate services;
  • To foster opportunities for community integration and peer support for these individuals and families; and
  • To promote public awareness of the challenges faced by these individuals and their families.