Parents & Siblings Support Network

The Parents & Siblings Support Network aims to provide a forum for parents and siblings of family members with developmental disabilities.*  Topics discussed in the network include respite programs, child minding services, social services, family fundings and other related topics that would be an interest to families.

Meeting Location:  Community Living York South Main Office.  101 Edward Ave.  Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5E5
Meeting Date:  1 meeting every month and as organized by the network secretary
Cost:  Free
Admission:  The network is currently only offered to Heep Chi Association members, Spirit of Life clients and Community Living York South Members.
Members interested in joining this network can email:   

* Note:  Spirit of Life understands that the information being shared in this network by parents and siblings may be inaccurate and difficult to verify.  However, this initiative does provide an additional and critical venue for families to have access to developmental disabilities related information.  At present, information on resources and services for people with developmental disabilities is scarce and fragmented.  Finding accurate data about the availability of services, their nature, and parents‘ access to them is difficult, and such data does not exist in Chinese.